Collaborative Efforts

Work Completed to Date

In 2018, we convened a group of leaders from education (K-12 and community college), workforce development, and municipal and state government agencies, to engage in the challenging work and authentic dialogue devoted to:

  • Alignment of programs and services that support public sector employment and training;
  • Demystifying what it means to be a public sector employee and the complex hiring practices of public sector agencies;
  • Embracing and sharing the value of public service.

IPPS completed several pilot projects:

  • Piloted a “Youth in Government” day bringing together 60 youth from Carver High School in Rancho Cordova and 5 departments at the County of Sacramento;
  • Produced 12 videos of millennials who work for government talking about why they chose the public sector;
  • Collected examples/practices on how public sector employment is marketed by entities for recruitment of new employees.

Our focus areas for 2019

  • Produce a report of the high-demand, hard-to-fill jobs (careers) in the public sector and gaps in training and skill needs through the Center for Excellence (Los Rios Community College);
  • Expand “Youth in Government” day to other schools (including court and community schools) and government entities;
  • Build out a public service high school career pathway and embed civics education into other high school career pathways that would create/demonstrate curriculum, course of study, work-based learning, and college partnerships;
  • Increase commitment from regional leaders, including municipal executives, human resource directors, school leaders, community college officials, and regional elected officials;
  • Focus on new employee recruitment best practices- hiring processes, marketing strategies; and,
  • Work with several local agencies to help them map out succession plans that identify skills gaps, critical job needs, barriers, practice and policy challenges and create new models if needed to increase human resource system effectiveness for pipeline development.

Tracking our Progress

At each monthly working group meeting the IPPS team shares accomplishments and tracks our progress. We aim to make progress and propel ourselves towards our goal.

Find out meeting materials and more information here.