Our Work, Our Impact

What is Innovative Pathways to Public Service?

  • IPPS is an organic cross-sector collaborative of public sector employers, education (K-16), and workforce development agencies and partners. IPPS aligns efforts to develop and strengthen multiple pathways into public service, and to ensure that the public sector attracts, develops and retains diverse talent.
  • We are building collective commitment and capacity to meet the workforce needs of special districts, cities, counties and state agencies, and other related civil service sectors in the Sacramento region. We do this through:
    • Engaging champions and building public will
    • Establishing and scaling education, workforce and government partnerships;
    • Changing policy and practices; and,
    • Fundraising for resources to support the collaborative’s work.

2019 Highlights

  • Hosted asynchronous regional Careers in Public Service Days with nine public sector agencies providing 350 students with tangible public sector careers experiences.
  • In partnership with “NxtGov,” produced videos featuring millennials, highlighting why a new generation is choosing to work in the public sector.
  • Led professional development for Twin Rivers Unified School District career tech educators to help them teach students about public sector careers and current issues. Educators were provided materials and presentations about the basics of local government, lessons for an action-based civics approach, and a fast-paced opportunity to network with public sector professionals in their relevant fields.
  • Served as the public sector advisory body to review Folsom Lake College’s Analyst certificate program.
  • Raised awareness about the needs of the public sector via our IPPS website and multiple presentations to stakeholders and at statewide conferences.
  • Launched a report of the high-demand, hard-to-fill jobs (careers) in the public sector through the Center for Excellence (Los Rios Community College); and hosted a leadership summit for 250+ attendees to launch the study and to network and learn from local and state leaders on the state of the public sector.

What’s next in 2020?

  • Mapping pathways from high school to community college, and into high-demand public service careers.
  • Increasing student civic experiences and work based learning opportunities within the public sector through IPPS’ Careers in Public Service Day events.
  • Training more teachers on public sector careers and civics education.
  • Examining and testing the best ways to recruit and retain diverse talent into public sector jobs.

IPPS 2019-2020 Highlights and Look Ahead