Building the Future Public Sector Workforce


Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS) helps public sector organizations in the Sacramento Region design and implement efforts to improve opportunities to enter public service, particularly for underserved communities and individuals.

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Guided by our values, IPPS is focusing on a renewed vision for collaboratively addressing shared challenges related to educating, recruiting, and retaining a robust, inclusive public sector workforce within the Sacramento region. IPPS is committed to pursuing funding, research, and projects that aim to increase interest and access to careers in government.

If you have questions about IPPS, contact the Institute for Local Government by emailing [email protected].


With over 24 percent of the Greater Sacramento area’s workforce in the public sector (1), a focus on the health of the public sector workforce contributes to the health of the regional economy and health of individuals living the region. Despite the proportion of public sector jobs in the region, and even though they can be generally considered high-quality, high-road jobs (2), public sector employers often struggle to hire and retain talent to meet their team’s needs (3).  Additionally, with three out of four public sector workers identifying as “white alone” (4), the public sector in the greater Sacramento area is not reflective of the community it serves.

IPPS is a unique collaborative working group created to help the region address these widespread challenges. IPPS’s work will help local public sector employers meet their workforce needs while inspiring and equipping the area’s residents, particularly those in historically underserved communities, to pursue public sector careers.


IPPS is an open collaborative and welcomes anyone from government, education, and workforce organizations to get involved. Anyone interested in learning more about IPPS is welcomed to attend our quarterly general membership meetings or one of three monthly meetings for workgroups listed below:

Those who are interested in getting involved with IPPS projects are welcome to join our workgroups. IPPS hosts three work groups:

  • Public Sector Promotion: Promotes the public sector as a place of employment and supports individuals who are pursuing Public Sector careers.
  • Pathway Improvement: Expands the capacity of IPPS member organizations to improve their recruitment, retention, and promotion practices.
  • Membership Engagement, Marketing, and Research: Maintains the health of the IPPS collaborative and serves as its primary research hub.


Increase the capacity of organizations in the Sacramento Region to design, align, and implement efforts that create more effective pathways into public service, particularly for underserved communities and individuals.


IPPS is a workforce development collaborative of professionals from public sector, educational, and workforce organizations working together to cultivate a robust talent pipeline to public sector careers.


IPPS strives to promote the following values through its work:

  • Evidence-based action
  • Impactful results
  • Effective collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • The advancement of equity